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Many of the issues our clients have faced are unique to their operating environment, others are common across the business spectrum.

Whatever the issue Pellego Security Risk Consulting can help.


The following case studies outline the issues faced by clients and the solutions provided which resolved these and gave peace of mind.


After the violent and tragic Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and the ensuring additional incidents, there was an upsurge in demand for practical advice and solutions to Active Shooter type events.


Practical solutions to these and additional security issues were provided to several such international media organisations in London. The solutions were easy to implement, extremely cost effective and built on the existing security practices and policy in place to improve the safety and security of the client staff and visitors.


The businesses included national and international brand newspapers and a domestic and well known television broadcaster.


Critical National Infrastructure

Case Study 1

Critical National Infrastructure

As a protective reassurance measure in a previous commission, a full site counter terrorist security review was conducted on behalf of a foreign NGO critical business holding.


Professional advice was provided in a confidential report which identified potential areas of risk and the most practical and cost effective solutions, it also ensured continued compliance with UK legislation.


This satisfied the clients expectation and provided the additional reassurance that the installed protective security measures were, and continued to be, fit for purpose.


Critical National Infrastructure

Case Study 2

Acting in response to a request for an interactive briefing, which was to be used as part of the ongoing awareness training. The client, a global petrochemical manufacturer, requested that a suitable security awareness training module be produced.

Part of this training provision was to also include a section dealing specifically with terrorism awareness and current information on the latest terrorist threats and active terrorist groups which may pose a potential threat to its operations.

The training was designed as requested and bespoke to the organization, and it was successfully delivered to the security teams and others at multiple UK locations. On successful project delivery, the training package was then rebranded as the client’s own and transferred to their own internal training providers for wider delivery. 



Banking - Case Study 1

A fter being subject to potential Hostile Reconniassance, a high profile well known and highly regarded international banking group based in London had identified a requirement to provide upskilling training for key staff and its contracted out security guarding teams.


Preparation required liaising directly with the client and their facilities management provider, which enabled a bespoke training solution to  be designed and delivered.


Training initially consisted of a core module addressing Hostile Reconnaissance, but due to a client request this was later expanded to include a second module which dealt with Terrorism Awareness.


Banking - Case Study 2

A s part of the response to two incidents of  suspected  hostile reconnaissance at an international banking  headquarters and a prestigious retail and leisure complex , it was identified that there was a  requirement to make available appropriate in-depth training to key staff .


Preparation necessitated site visits at each location to ensure that the training course content  was suitable and applicable to each location.


The training was delivered  to the security teams and key staff and to the client’s complete satisfaction. Successful delivery  ensured that the staff were fully competent to identify and effectively record and report incidents of suspected hostile reconnaissance. 


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