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A Physical Security Assurance Test and Audit is in real terms a simulated attack against a company's security defences. It is designed to replicate an attack to see if the security measures in place can be compromised, and the primary aim is to identify security weaknesses before real attackers have the chance to. If any security weaknesses have been identified, a plan can then be developed in order to review the current measures with a view to treating the associated risks.


A Security Assurance Test and Audit is typically conducted with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities and shortcomings, which if breached could result in a range of losses to the company and/or its customers; additionally should members of the public enter an area by mistake, then questions around health and safety issues will be raised, as serious injury or even death could result from unauthorised access.


Losses are not just financial. An organisation can suffer significant reputation damages. A security breach could lead to a decrease in client trust which could then lead to a reduction in business and turnover.


The Security Assurance Test and Audit will normally consist of all or some of the flowing:


  • Stealth intrusion to facility on foot
  • Distraction intrusion to facility on foot
  • Bogus package delivery to stores
  • Hostile Reconnaissance
  • Tailgating
  • Fake pass presentation
  • Access using poor quality copies of day and vehicle passes
  • Assignment instructions review
  • Training records review.
  • Officers' licensing check (where applicable).
  • Management and supervisory visit records inspection.
  • Patrol routines.


No physical climbing of or penetration of gates and fences or actions which require lock manipulation or damage to property are employed.


Why conduct a test?


The provision of manned guarding and maintenance of security teams is a vital protective physical security measure in most businesses, it is also an expense which is often questioned when budgets are reviewed. In order to ensure that you are receiving an effective and correct level and value of service, it is imperative that you can have confidence in your security team or your security provider to deliver just that.


As a fully independent security risk consultancy we are able to conduct a Security Assurance Test and Audit of your contracted or ‘In House’ security team. The object of the Security Assurance Test and Audit process is to provide you with the confidence and assurance that they are delivering the required level of security and service you require at your premises. This will assure you that your security team are alert, aware and sufficiently trained and experienced to actually maintain and deliver effective protective security to the standards that you require.


In order to ensure continuity and consistency in the actual review, each Security Assurance Test and Audit is, regardless of location or premises, conducted to the same standard. We can, of course, tailor these bespoke to your's or your client’s business for single or multi-site reviews, to include any additional criteria you may deem important, thereby ensuring transparency, equality and fairness in reporting.


Our Security Assurance Test and Audit report will contain the facts as found at the time of the review visit, they are therefore an accurate and true snapshot and reflection of the service as it was being delivered at that time, whether that is good, very good, bad, extremely poor or indifferent.


All Security Assurance Test and Audit reports will be provided in protected document format to prevent any alteration of the content before delivery to the end user.


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