Security Survey

Risk advisory visit


This is our most popular and cost effective security review service which will satisfy most customers and budgets.


If you are unsure of what your needs are then this is the ideal way to establish precisely what security provision you may require. It is also particularly useful in identifying weaknesses or risks in an established security provision. The visit is normally concluded with a short summary report detailing the core findings and recommendations.

General security survey


If you have the basics in place and you need to have a slightly more detailed review this is the level you may require, alternatively add two elements to our Risk Advisory Visit to address a specific issue.

This is designed to be less extensive as the full security survey and is useful for addressing specific concerns. It will normally include the report findings and:


•   Local crime figures

•   Physical security measures

•   Electronic security measures

•   Recommendations


This is suitable for smaller business or locations and will include a basic report detailing the findings and core recommendations.

Full security survey


At your request we will conduct a full security review at one or more of your premises, where we will generally look at:


•   Security risk profiling

•   Local crime data analysis

•   Physical security measures and procedures

•   Personal security measures

•   Technical security installation and operation

•   Documentary security policy and strategy

•   Impact risk assessment of local threats

•   Business continuity and contingency plans

•   Target hardening

•   Emergency procedures

•   Detailed observations and recommendation


We will produce a fully detailed professional report bespoke to your specific requirements.



We're always happy to provide any additional information about our services. Contact us on 07500998864 or use our contact form.

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