Hostile Reconnaisance

Understanding how to do what you need to prevent


Briefing overview:


An interactive briefing which introduces attendees to the principles of hostile reconnaissance. It also takes attendees through the basic steps to produce effective and detailed written reports, this include the UK police person classification system and a guide on observation technique.


It also includes an overview of police powers as stipulated in the Terrorism Act 200 (Remedial Order 2011) and how to deal with persons who are suspected of conducting photographic hostile reconnaissance.


It also demonstrates the ease with which sensitive information that can be used in targeting a location can be obtained from innocuous sources and material available to extremist and terrorist groups from the internet.


On completion of the briefing, attendees will:


Understand the principles of how to recognise hostile reconnaissance;

  • How to approach individuals suspected of conducting it;
  • Be able to reference information from official sources;
  • Use proven methods of descriptive reporting;
  • Be able to prepare and compile an accurate and detailed written report.


Suitable for all staff, particularly reception and those engaged in the provision of site or premises security.


Course content includes:


Hostile reconnaissance and the points to be observant for;

  • Information freely available to aid hostile reconnaissance;
  • How to approach individuals;
  • Trespass guide;
  • Preparing and compiling a written report;
  • Police ethnicity guide;
  • Google Street View.


Duration: 2 hours


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