Recognition of Suspect Postal Devices   

We are licensed by the Department for Transport, Security Directorate to deliver training in the recognition of Firearms, Explosives and Incendiary Devices and transport and possess realistic inert training aids.



Utilising inert examples of the latest known types of Postal Devices, which have been specially manufactured and produced for us by Renful Premier Technologies, one of the world’s leading producers of simulant explosive training aids, we have designed a bespoke training course especially for mail and post room staff, or staff who receive and handle mail for your business.


These inert training aids enable your staff to see and handle replica examples of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), Improvised Incendiary Devices (IID), and Sharp Objects that have been used in known terrorist and single issue extremist groups postal attacks.


These training aids have been designed in such a manner as to display the warning features of each specific device, which in itself is an excellent training medium.


If required we can also include your own emergency protocols and procedures as part the required learning outcome.


On completion of this awareness course, your staff will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to:

  • Identify potential suspect mail items.
  • Understand the different types of postal devices.
  • How to safely initiate your organisation’s emergency suspect mail protocols.
  • Know and apply the six Cs: Confirm, Clear, Cordon, Control, Communicate and Check.

This awareness course is suitable for all staff with post or mail receipt and processing responsibility.


The Course content includes:


What is a suspect mail item?


Types of postal devices.


Indicators of suspicious mail items.


Postal IED components.


Incendiary devices.


X-Ray image examples.


Suspect postal IED, action to be taken.


The six Cs: Confirm, Clear, Cordon, Control, Communicate and Check.


A learning and assessment test and a certificate of attendance.


Duration: 4 hours



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