Terrorism Awareness

An interactive briefing which introduces attendees to the concept of security awareness, hostile reconnaissance and the terrorist threat, and some of the popular terrorist and extremist groups.


It also examines official publications and sources of information available which includes material available to extremist and terrorist groups from the internet, understanding the United Kingdom threat levels and what they mean, it also details partner agencies which may be utilised for information and guidance on protective measures


Briefing outcomes:


Understand the principles of how to maintain and raise awareness of the terrorist and extremist threat;


  • Have awareness of terrorist organisations.
  • Be able to reference information from official sources.
  • Understand the terrorist threat level.
  • Know which agencies can be of assistance.


Suitable for: All staff


Course content includes:


  • Current UK counter Terrorist Operations.
  • Raising security awareness – Project Griffin and official poster campaign.
  • The reality of terrorism – Official home office video (very graphic).
  • Terrorist groups.
  • Types of organisations – Terrorist, extremist and sympathetic.
  • Islamic terrorist (‘Why Britain’).
  • Terrorist threat levels.
  • Sources of information.
  • Useful websites.


Duration: 3 hours



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